Our Mission

Every differently-ABLED child- irrespective of his /her faculties, of resources, of parentage, of cast, creed or race, is WELCOME to bank upon our center, our dedication, our expertise and our resources to empower himself/herself to face the world with pride, confidence and sense of complete belonging.

Our Achievements

Beginning its endeavor with just a single student in 2004, the CHIGURU Special Education Center has today nearly 40 differently abled children. This was only possible through active and generous participation by parents, philanthropists and donors who helped this center to grow & accommodate the children in a spacious three-story building. All the special children have been provided with Medical Cards through Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, Bangalore. To get further support for the children, parents are assisted to procure financial assistance which is available from the Government.
The multifaceted improvement brought about in our children is acclaimed by parents. The cultural talents exhibited by the children in various forums have attracted attention and admiration of public and media. The differently abled children of our center have made this school proud by successfully competing in sports at both State and National level. The number of prizes won by them stand testimony to their achievement. Another testimony of the achievement is the fact that principal Shri Ashok Hegde of our center being recognized & elevated from State level coach to National level coach, in addition to being chosen to coordinate State Level selection camps and provide Trainers Training.

The accomplishments of CHIGURU Centre can be perceived by the fact that few of our differently abled children have successfully been integrated with normal children in academic institution. Furthermore, a proud achievement for the trust is that few of the differently abled children have got placement offers in hand for gainful employment in industrial and corporate establishments.