About Us


Tens of thousands of children in Bangalore are suffering from neuromuscular disorders and developmental disabilities. The National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped has categorically asserted that it is essential to have at least one Special Educator for every six such differently-ABLED children to ensure their proper care and all round development. Neither there is enough such schools to adequately address this gigantic problem, nor are the parents of most such children economically sound to afford the special schools.

CHIGURU is a Public Charitable Trust established on December, 2004 by the generosity of Mrs. Poornima Radhakrishna Bhat. It has set itself with the aim of training the mentally challenged children on an exclusive and professional basis to enable them to reach a level of normalcy and empower them to lead independent, self supportive and happy lives.

To achieve this objective the Trust is running this special education center by name CHIGURU at Vijyanagar in Bangalore. It caters to the specific demands of the differently-ABLED children with neuromuscular disorders and developmental disabilities.

The center is headed by Sri. Ashok Hegde, a qualified, trained and experienced special educator dedicated to the cause of enabling such children to stand on their own feet. In fact CHIGURU has already been established as a reputed center for all round development of mentally challenged children and is being referred by leading neurologists for rehabilitating children with Down’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Spastics and the like.